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The Architect is a professional who transforms your thoughts, wants and needs into reality through a process that distills the essence of your practical requirements, aesthetic desires and functional routines into an envelope of space that you call your own.

In addition to this personal approach, the Architect has the practical knowledge of climatic conditions, zoning requirements and construction costs that will also influence the building design. It is the ability to take all aspects of the project and fuse them into a symbiotic whole that the Architect provides.

Pre-Design Services

Developing an accurate program at the onset of a project provides the necessary information to ensure a high quality product and a good working relationship. An analysis of the options available prior to the actual design of a project provides clients with the information they need to determine the feasibility of the project from a financial and design standpoint.


OSK is a service-oriented organization that places emphasis on the client-architect relationship. We realize the importance of maintaining aesthetic value while meeting project criterion. Whether the project is a custom single-family residence or a large-scale development, preserving architectural integrity and meeting our client’s needs is our commitment.

Land Planning

Choosing an optimal site and its development is one of the most crucial steps in determining the viability of a project. Our staff is well versed and knowledgeable of federal and local zoning requirements, environmental interests and preservation. We identify critical natural and “man- made” factors, both on-site and off-site, to determine opportunities and constraints. We are experienced in providing solutions to environmental concerns and constraints dictated by strict coastal permit program rules. Examination of these factors leads to the best and most efficient use of the site.

Space Planning

Realizing the importance of the development of spatial comfort in relation to its surroundings, we offer our clients full design coordination of interior spaces from the onset of the project. In conjunction with custom residential and commercial designers, we provide specifications, furniture layouts, detailed selection of floor, wall and ceiling finishes, plumbing fixtures and finishes, interior millwork, electric fixture selection and layout, etc. Our space planning expertise provides a full range of services that extend from programming and design of bank facilities, specialized manufacturing, medical offices, municipal buildings and office planning for various corporate clients.


OSK actively participates with owners and related professionals to promote development and communities that are environmentally responsible, healthy places to live and work. We discuss alternate, energy efficient and environmentally responsible approaches to design and construction of our projects with owners. Our LEED accredited professionals understand green building practices and principles as well as the LEED prerequisites and rating system. We work with owners interested in energy efficient and environmentally responsible projects to have their projects certified to meet the highest green building and performance measures.

Adaptive Re-Use: Historical Renovation

OSK Design Partners provides full services and offers a variety of solutions to renovation and restoration problems. We have developed a full understanding of the issues related to tax-advantage rehabilitation and its effect on economic development and revitalization.

We developed a process to perform comprehensive historical planning studies for the cities of Wildwood, New Jersey and North Wildwood, New Jersey. We cataloged the entire building stock, identified the styles, deliniated Historic Districts and wrote the ordinances establishing the Historic Preservation Commissions.

We coordinated the historical preservation of buildings in historically significant communities such as Cape May, Mt. Laurel, Cape May Court House and Eastampton in New Jersey, Huntingdon Valley, Wayne and Radnor in Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware.

Green Design and Consultation

“Going Green" is a conscious decision we make to better ourselves and the environment around us. Although extremely beneficial, the choice to live or build green can be quite complicated and somewhat overwhelming. Knowledge in identifying the ever changing products and systems as well as the experience in incorporating the very latest and greatest energy efficient and environmentally friendly practices are vital to successful green design.

We have been designing green since 1985. Our focus on client lifestyles, natural day lighting and maximizing views are just a few of the concepts we’ve utilized from the very beginning. We have design specialists and LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, ready to guide you through the technologies, methodologies and programs to help make living and building green an efficient and worry free process. For more information, please read our Going Green Brochure.


For additional information about our services, please contact us.

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